Wednesday, July 15, 2020

0xF2 - Theory of an explosion

Thinking of nuclear fusion vessels with novelty, under about 200 Bars with neutron cascade accretion and magnon epitaxy we can surmise metallic helium can stabilize and catalyze magnon currents by neutron waveguide precession.

As such it may be possible to even study 1-Diazidocarbamoyl-5-azidotetrazole reactions as well as nuclear fusion events in greater detail.

Anyone got a neutron bomb for rent?

It's surmised 100 Megabars (Mbar) should be sufficient to see a phase transition naturally on the interior of Jupiter.

Metallic helium in massive planets -. 2008 Aug 12; 105(32): 11035–11036.

0xFF - ITN Design ☮


So i've updated my interplanetary transport network ideas,

building this design in the wrong place on the earth will cause glass shard hurricanes, so please don't because I don't want to wake up, look outside and see a hurricane of glass shards or something.

Stay safe and have fun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

0x20 - The year the world stood still

❤ best with aluminium nitride +
    the power relays are just thermal
    probes for the glass, nodes are
    quantum dots at cubic vertices
     to relay

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

-Dreams of a 1000 harvests-

How one cleans up a virus with hundreds of thousands stuck in slum trenches of biohazardous waters is beyond the beneath with our feet above our hands in the bedrock :(

Thoughts of an Indo-Sino Nuclear War scientist. 
"Why was titanium so expensive?"

Soldiers enhanced with optogenomics and hydra memory transfer (cir. 1966) technologies were to be sacrifice in thermonuclear trench battles on the ground.

Cyclopian babies tucked into the boneshards as sensor networks for parallax imaging in case of neutron damage to the soldiers optical cortexes as much of the memory ingrams would have to be grafted back through the drug networks as updates to those frying looking behind their minds eyes in a trench.

Partially melted soldiers would harvest brain matter on the field with trench analysts directly hardlined out to them for inverse parallax imaging from the cadavers to the partially moving, comfort women were scientists pulling the cadavers for reprocessing to labratories.  

 Oct 19th, 1962 - Nov 21st, 1962

To our fallen chimeras.

A. L. Jacobson, C. Fried, and S. D. Horowitz, 1966. Planarians and memory. I. Transfer of learning by injection of ribonucleic acid, Nature, Vol. 209, pp. 599-601.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Economy's bust if you can't scrape extinction from nuclear space dust.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

0x021: Improved Interplanetary Transport

Had to update this thing considering Aesthenosphere to Van Allen belt up.

Above is a space fountain system with a cyclotron as similar to the LHC at the base probably working off molten salt reactors and heat deep in the earth. 

Carbon nanotube doped aerogels for drill strings and superconducting cables withstanding more heat than molten iron with kinetic potential remaining for heavy lifting.
A. An artificial muscle strip with no voltage applied. B. The above artificial muscle strip with 5 kV applied. C. An artificial muscle strip actuated at 1500 K using 5 kV applied voltage.

Stability can be provided by balloons floating along the particle stream instead of a vacuum on the Canadian shield, no place safer.

We haven't got the infrastructure in place to pump the gas all the way through with gravity assist.

Collating hydrogen gas from solar spall with gravity assisted kinemetry of the optical radiation beams. If this gas transport should direct or hold as an array around an asteroid, Moon or Mars with zeolite centriuges for regolith reclamation we should find teraformation easier.

Grind exospheric materials for resources.
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 Orbital Tether spun by electrodynamic means which can be more efficient and have greater velocity if combined with the second tech.

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 This thruster if attached to both the orbiting tether satellite as well as on the end of the tether hook angular displacement can be acute reducing travel distance while maintaining orbital trajectory.

If you discover anything more please contact me.

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Mars-Earth Rapid Interplanetary Tether Transport (MERITT) system. I - Initial feasibility analysis
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